Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This morning found us in Parker, Az just east of the Colorado River. We had a quick lunch at the Crossroads Cafe and then drove back across the river to the Wheel-er-in Resort. The bridge is in the process of being widened. Its right on the banks of the river and we had camped there after our long stretch across the desert from 29 Palms. My daily account expresses my enthusiasm for walking across the state of California. Cathleen and I stopped by the  Parker, Arizona and "Welcome to Arizona" signs before heading east on AZ 95. It's 110 degrees outside, so we skipped our daily walk today. I recall that it was pretty hot even in late October back in '86. The desert is picturesque with Saguaro cacti throughout the landscape. Our drive took us to Hope, AZ and we stopped for a sign just outside the town that read, "Your now beyond hope."

A few miles down the road past the town of Aguila, we paused to take a photo of a place where a lowered car filled with teenagers slowed down to stare my family down. After passing us they turned around, came back slowing the car and continuing to gawk at what must have been a strange spectacle. Mom quickly grabbed some rocks after they passed. They turned again and passed us a 3rd time.  If they came by again, Dad instructed us to run as hard as we could in different directions out into the desert and we would meet at the highway at sunset.  I quietly prayed to myself. The car didn't return and our walk resumed towards Wickenburg...

In Wickenburg, I snapped a photo of the Gold Nugget restaurant that we had enjoyed several times when staying at the Aztec RV Park on the banks of the Hassayampa River in Wickenburg. A few years back, Cathleen and I had lunch there and I recommend it to this day.

Lunch in Parker
Where we camped along the Colorado River in 1986


Wheel 'er in RV Park's Colorado River banks

With my beautiful wife Cathleen

Its the same place we paused for picture's during the "walk." :)

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Where we camped between Parker and Wickenburg, AZ

Good Eatin'

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  1. Don't like to hear you did not get your walk in...110 degrees, what's the big deal...you should have walked extra!
    JK...have fun!