Sunday, May 20, 2012

From left to right stands Aaron, Richard, Allen and Susan Huff: The original walkers.
Praying for travel blessings

Aaron and Allen with son and nephew Daniel Huff

Susan, Aaron, and Allen 

Vintage 1950's playground at Kenney Grove Park, Fillmore, CA

Finding a rare endangered species...there when the walk begain 25 years ago. The merry-go-round!

On the route near Castaic Junction
Original Highay 126, September 1986

Patriotism is alive and well in 2012

The Magic Mountain countryside
Walking out of the Soledad Canyon Tunnel September, 1986

Soledad Canyon Tunnel today.

Soledad Canyon bridge over the Santa Clara River, Acton, CA

Could this be where the wild things are?

Pacing and thinking about his dinner!
                        Dawn over Lucerne Valley on the horizon.


  1. How many miles did you cover on a daily basis? Didn't you guys get some strange looks from drivers on the roads wondering what you all were up to out in the middle of nowhere?


    1. We typically covered 18 to 20 miles per day on foot. Somedays were as short as 10 miles and some others were as many as 26. We received mostly positive and inquisitive looks from passing vehicles, but there were some potentially hostile encounters that I can explain on a future post.